18 Wheeler Insurance Rates – 10 Tips to Lower Them

Do you know if you are paying too much for your 18 wheeler insurance coverage? Here are some tips to help keep your premium down.

Keep your rig in shape

Make sure your truck is serviced and kept in tip-top shape. By checking all of your equipment and having a certified DOT mechanic to go through everything for you regularly, you can be sure to see results. Your DOT safety record makes a difference.

Age and experience

Younger, older and less experienced drivers are typically involved in more accidents. Experienced drivers between ages 30 and 62 have the lowest risk, which lowers their premium. Regardless of your age or experience, the best way to keep your truck insurance rates low is to keep a clean record.

The road less traveled may not be your best choice

Routes matter. Consider your routes and avoid those that include possible extreme weather or highly populated metro areas if you are looking to keep your 18 wheeler rates low.

A company by any other name is not so sweet

Do your best to stay in business, not changing your name or switching things up. Newer operations are considered a higher risk, so stick with what is familiar.

Looking for a good excuse for a new truck?

Newer vehicles with the latest equipment always make the best impression. By keeping your fleet up to date, you will be keeping your rates at their lowest.

Take it easy

Slow and steady wins the race. By keeping your record clean, you will keep your truck insurance premiums from going up. The driver with past accidents tends to be the driver with future accidents, so take it easy and don’t take risks.

Your cargo matters

What you choose to carry makes a difference in the risk category. Cargo with high value has a higher risk for theft, temperature sensitive cargo can be spoiled, and there are many other factors. Keep this in mind when you chose your loads.

Safety matters

Safety features such as warning stickers really do help. Other helps could include company safety programs or driver safety training. By educating yourself and your drivers, you are lowering the risk of future accidents and higher rates.

Raising your deductible can help

You will be responsible for paying a higher deductible if there is a truck insurance claim, but it may be worth it in the long run to lower your premium.

Deal with an insurance company that has experience with 18 wheelers.

When you come to Texas Commercial Insurance, you can rest assured that you have experienced agents to back you up. Established in 1959, we are ready to help you find the best coverage whether you drive your own truck or if you have your own fleet. Contact us so we can work with you to find the best rates and the best coverage to fit your needs.