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Surety Bonds are not insurance, at least not like a lot of people think of insurance. A surety bond in Texas is a promise to pay one party a certain amount of money if the second party fails to meet a particular obligation, like fulfilling the terms of a contract.

The Principal (that’s you) needs a way to guarantee that the Obligee (that’s the customer) is protected if you fail to meet your obligation. Because the issuing of a Surety Bond is in essence a backing of your financial trustworthiness, the pricing of the bond can vary greatly from one contractor to another.

There are two types of surety bonds that are common:

Performance Bond
This backs the contractors promise to fulfill the contract and deliver what was promised, at the agreed upon time and price.

Bid Bond
This helps keep frivolous bidders away, by promising that the successful bidder will indeed enter into the contract if they win it.

We offer a full product line of bonds for you, the contractor and small business person. We are your one-stop for Texas Surety Bonds.

  • Commercial Bonds
  • Contract Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Errors & Omissions
  • International Bonds
  • Customs Bonds

“A surety bond ensures contract completion in the event of contractor default. A project owner (called an obligee) seeks a contractor (called a principal) to fulfill a contract. The contractor obtains a surety bond from a surety company. If the contractor defaults, the surety company is obligated to find another contractor to complete the contract or compensate the project owner for the financial loss incurred.” ~Small Business Administration